SEAsons 2 coming up!

I must admit my drawing is still decent, so i will take time to improve my skill for the next season of my webcomic.

thanks so much for 11 fan that add me to their fav!

Which character storyline do you want to see?

Dunno if anyone reading this, i am planning interactive storytelling where the reader can decide which character story they prefer to see. Floryad has four major charater PoV (will be more), each one has different tone than the others.

Vee - Naive and innoncent floryad

Aisa - Cunning and manipulative, she longing the time before she got 'trashed'

Veryane - Mysterious woman that enslaved by dryad magic, her past is her curse.

???? - Owlice officer that determined to capture Veryane and investigate if Matriach broke the golden forest treaty.

Changing page format

I decided to use scroll page format like korean webcomic, i hope you all enjoying this!

Update schedule : until its ready

for anyone wondering when this comic updated : I will upload new chapter until its really ready, i want to reach maximum quality as possible.

meanwhile you can follow me at :

thx for reading!

WANTED : Grammar nazi!

If you have ability to spot grammar from hundreds miles, please tell me. I am not a native speaker. My payment myabe some drawing or fannart commisions!

Welcome to Floryad SEED!

Thank you so much for reading this comic!

This comic will be updated between 1 weeks - 3 weeks depend on what AAA game released that month. (blame diablo 3!)

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